From Sea to Shining Sea

Last November, I sold most of what I owned and packed what was left of my most prized possessions into a POD. I drove away from the past 2 decades that I’d spent in Louisiana and hit the road. I headed east with a plan to eventually settle in my beloved Florida. But the universeContinue reading “From Sea to Shining Sea”

Arriving At The Vortex

Welcome to Sedona, Arizona! For those who have not been here, this is a pretty magical place. Sedona is famous for being one of the locations on this earth that is a center of our planet’s health and spiritual energy, otherwise known as a vortex. I thought it was the perfect last stop before myContinue reading “Arriving At The Vortex”

Two Days in Santa Fe

Stop #2 in New Mexico is Santa Fe. What a lovely little town! The land of enchantment continued to grow on me during on what turned out to be a very restful stop on the journey. But first…the intermezzo! Hot ‘Nuff? I’ve been intrigued by this idea of natural hot springs for quite some timeContinue reading “Two Days in Santa Fe”

East Coast Triple Threat

My rule of thumb for this cross country trip is to not drive more than 8 hours per day. I leave really early so I am at my destination by noonish and then I leave at least a full day between the big jumps. There is no planned itinerary. I am making it up asContinue reading “East Coast Triple Threat”

Around The World In 36 Hours

A few posts ago I told the story about how I recently tried to book a last minute trip to Africa which, due to universal forces, did not happen. I found a way to get to Africa anyway 🙂 And, I think I’ll go ahead and visit and handful of other countries while I’m atContinue reading “Around The World In 36 Hours”

Frittata Cross Country – First Stop – Florida Everglades

“Leave it to a New Orleanian to go to California through the Florida Everglades!” That’s what an older gentlemen said to me when I told him I was from New Orleans but on my way west. He obviously thought I was bird-brained. Very funny. Shoving Off After realizing Rosemary Beach wasn’t my kind of Florida,Continue reading “Frittata Cross Country – First Stop – Florida Everglades”

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