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In addition to her writing skills, Jenny has a talent for engaging audiences through spoken word. Throughout her career in healthcare, she gained experience as both a live event emcee and podcast host. Jenny is available for freelance writing projects, podcast hosting, audiobook narration and professional speaking events. Please send requests to Jenny currently resides outside of Dallas, Texas.

My Work

During my downtime early on in the COVID pandemic, I decided to build a website. There were 2 main goals. The first was to have a place where I could keep all of my travel itineraries for ease of sharing with others. The second was to start a food blog. I’d never built a website before and had no relevant skill set. Thankfully, WordPress made it achievable. I still maintain the site myself.

FrittataBlog is a living journal of my travel adventures and passion for all things food.

Freelance Writer

I am extremely grateful to Cozymeal and Classpop! magazines for giving me my first professional assignments. Writing about food and travel is a true joy.

This was another project that came out of the pandemic. I wrote and hosted an amateur podcast called “HouseCalls” for Lakeview Regional Medical Center, a campus of Tulane Medical Center. Our goal was to engage with our community, to provide health education, and to encourage careers in healthcare. With the exception of one episode that was taped in collaboration with LOPA at their recording studio, all episodes were taped in one take with no editing. It was no-budget, but I’m very proud of the series.

Live Event Host/Public Relations/Public Speaking

During my time in healthcare, I often emceed live events like our “Great Save” where we reunited patients with the first responders who saved their lives. I hosted (very low-budget) Facebook live events which were mainly interviews and health education discussions with physician experts. I served as a PR spokesperson on a few occasions for the hospital during COVID. I also spoke frequently at school and community events to support clinical education. Click each image for more detail.

I’m actively looking for an opportunity to get started as an audiobook narrator.

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