Two Days in Santa Fe

Stop #2 in New Mexico is Santa Fe. What a lovely little town! The land of enchantment continued to grow on me during on what turned out to be a very restful stop on the journey. But first…the intermezzo! Hot ‘Nuff? I’ve been intrigued by this idea of natural hot springs for quite some timeContinue reading “Two Days in Santa Fe”

Taos. It Rhymes With House.

Welcome to New Mexico! Did you know that’s how Taos was pronounced? I thought it was “TAYOS”. I stand corrected. Let me welcome you to “Taos that rhymes with house”, Frittata Followers. I’ve just experienced 5 full days of Taosonian hospitality and I’m excited to share it with you. Quick side note- if you receiveContinue reading “Taos. It Rhymes With House.”

Around The World In 36 Hours

A few posts ago I told the story about how I recently tried to book a last minute trip to Africa which, due to universal forces, did not happen. I found a way to get to Africa anyway 🙂 And, I think I’ll go ahead and visit and handful of other countries while I’m atContinue reading “Around The World In 36 Hours”

Journal of Possibilities

This is an update to my original post from back in January….for those who are still awaiting your opportunity to get vaccinated, here is a little something to look forward to! Turning the Corner I’ve got my first dose of the vaccine today. It left me feeling like I’ve been running a very long raceContinue reading “Journal of Possibilities”

Be a student of the world

“Much of who we are depends on where we’ve been.” Is there a statement more true? We are all a compilation of our own life experiences. I write this post today in celebration of completing the travel portion of Once Upon A Frittata. Finding myself grounded in 2020 gave me the time I needed toContinue reading “Be a student of the world”

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