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Once Upon A Frittata…..

…there was a girl that loved food and became one of those people that posted a photo of every meal on Facebook.

People seemed to like those pics, and often said, “I’m eating vicariously through you”. She realized that joy was found not only in preparing and eating food, but talking about it with other food-obsessed people.

How could she reach more people who actually WANT to talk food? And recipes? And ingredients?

What if people would actually try some of the recipes, give feedback and share inspiration of their own?

She already has journals about the things that bring her joy. Writing something down does give some satisfaction.

What if she could find a way to journal to the universe…and see if anyone else is out there?

That’s how the idea for Once Upon a Frittata was hatched.

Hello, my name is JennyG and this website is a collection of my favorite things in a living journal where I can keep them forever and share them with you.

It includes FrittataBlog where I’ll share recipes and posts about food, but a balanced diet also includes travel, books and birds so I’ll vary the topics to keep things spicy and fresh.

I’m passionate about travel and sharing my own travel history with the hope that it will help or inspire others. Need travel info or inspiration? Check out the travel pages with overviews and tips for destinations all over the world.

Maybe you’re just looking for a good book or a good bird. Got that too.

Welcome to Once Upon A Frittata!

My favorite journal made of tea-stained papers edged in vintage fabrics where I record the absolute best moments of my life. Click any image above to visit Purple Onion Books on Etsy to buy similar items.

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I'm sipping coffee in the morning, reading a cookbook for fun. Always planning my next trip and what I'll eat when I get there. Hoping to inspire others who share my love of cooking and eating, and to celebrate the wonderous diversity of food. I love to explore the world so I'll share my best itineraries and travel tips. Of course, sometimes I'd rather be snuggled up with a glass of wine and a good book so let's discuss those here too. And don't forget to feed the birds!

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