Journal of Possibilities

This is an update to my original post from back in January….for those who are still awaiting your opportunity to get vaccinated, here is a little something to look forward to!

Turning the Corner

I’ve got my first dose of the vaccine today.

It left me feeling like I’ve been running a very long race but that I’d suddenly turned the last corner. I can almost see the finish line.

Throughout the pandemic I’ve tried to embrace this break from the daily hustle, from the normal grind. I’ve taken a break from travel planning which often consumes much of my time and keeps me company late into the night.

I spent most of the holidays finishing the destination overview pages for the Travel section of Frittata.

I took my time going through all the photos from previous trips, reviewing my journal and doing internet searches to close the gaps in my memory on certain restaurant names or hotels. It literally felt like I went on an around-the-world trip.

When I finished, I started getting restless thinking about future travel.

I’m grounding myself because I don’t feel like the world is open enough to make it worth spending precious vacation time and money – restaurants are closed, spas are closed, theatres are closed. While it may be a great time to do a naturalist vacation (birds don’t close) I still feel the overall experience is likely to be underwhelming.

My Travel Journal for the past ten years. Now lovingly held together with a rubber band.
Shot of my journal entry for first day in Trinidad, and my permit to enter the Grand Riviere turtle nesting colony. Click the image to jump to Trinidad & Tobago.

But with the finish line starting to come into sight, I decided to dust off my scratch pad of the trips I’m mapping out and to at least “finish” researching some destinations.

Dare to Dream?

I opened up a fresh new journal that I was saving for something special and decided it would be my “future travel” journal…a Journal of Possibilities.

I’ll get my research done on a destination so that I’ve got the key pieces figured out – what time of year to go, how many days needed, key activities or sites, rough idea of where to stay and a rough budget of what it’s going to cost. Then, when I’m ready to book, I can flip through my journal of possibilities and see what hits me.

My Journal of Possibilities
First entry in Journal of Possibilities

I decided to share this with Frittata fans. I’ll build in comment boxes after each destination so hopefully those who have traveled before me can share their tips.

This might become my favorite part of Once Upon a Frittata….click here to visit the Journal of Possibilities.

El Dia de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead Festival
Oaxaca, Mexico

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