Arriving At The Vortex

Welcome to Sedona, Arizona! For those who have not been here, this is a pretty magical place. Sedona is famous for being one of the locations on this earth that is a center of our planet’s health and spiritual energy, otherwise known as a vortex. I thought it was the perfect last stop before myContinue reading “Arriving At The Vortex”

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Taos. It Rhymes With House.

Welcome to New Mexico! Did you know that’s how Taos was pronounced? I thought it was “TAYOS”. I stand corrected. Let me welcome you to “Taos that rhymes with house”, Frittata Followers. I’ve just experienced 5 full days of Taosonian hospitality and I’m excited to share it with you. Quick side note- if you receiveContinue reading “Taos. It Rhymes With House.”

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When Nature Calls

Frittata Cross Country is finally heading west!! First stop Ohio. Lake Erie. It’s time for BWIAB!! For those who did not bother to Google this at the end of my last post, that stands for “Biggest Week In American Birding”!! The southwestern tip of Lake Erie gets famous for about 10 days a year (theContinue reading “When Nature Calls”

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There Must Be Something In The Water

After my visit to Everglades National Park in south Florida, the plan was to drive up the east coast and visit Merritt Island NWR. This is another drive-thru park where you weave through wetlands for wildlife viewing. I did it years ago with my Dad and it was really cool so since I was headedContinue reading “There Must Be Something In The Water”

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The Golden Door – No Ordinary Moments

There are no ordinary moments in life. We are just too busy thinking or talking or worrying or texting to notice most of them. Prayers Answered My mom passed away last month after a 4 year battle with cancer. She was as stubborn on the way out as she was in her prime. Or maybeContinue reading “The Golden Door – No Ordinary Moments”

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What It Means To Leave New Orleans

Once Upon A Frittata, 19 years ago, I gave up a job I loved in Florida and followed a boy to New Orleans. They call it the Big Easy. But it wasn’t. Sweat Lodge I was officially initiated into Louisiana summer by having the Florida orange juice sweat right out of me. You eventually getContinue reading “What It Means To Leave New Orleans”

Zoom Meetings

Why My Camera Is Off During Zoom Meetings If you are wondering why my camera is not on during Zoom meetings from my home office, now you know. I’m perched on my desk chair practicing for my future job as a National Geographic nature photographer. 😁 For real Nat Geo, call me. 83x Zoom No,Continue reading “Zoom Meetings”

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