Baked Cauliflower Quinoa Ricotta Meatballs with Fresh Herbs

Frittata Fans were pretty excited when I posted Baked Cauliflower Quinoa Meatballs in Turmeric Sauce. The vegetarian cauliflower meatball recipe is definitely a crowd pleaser. It has all the warm, comfort food components that you need for a chilly winter night. Now that warmer weather is here, I wanted to try a spring version. TheContinue reading “Baked Cauliflower Quinoa Ricotta Meatballs with Fresh Herbs”

Fresh Herbs: Tarragon

If there is one thing that I think is completely under-used in cooking, it’s fresh herbs. Tarragon may be at the top of the under-used fresh herb list. Tarragon is a savory herb. It smells a little “licoricey”. It’s on the stronger side, like sage or rosemary. A little can go a long way. ItContinue reading “Fresh Herbs: Tarragon”

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