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Why My Camera Is Off During Zoom Meetings

If you are wondering why my camera is not on during Zoom meetings from my home office, now you know. I’m perched on my desk chair practicing for my future job as a National Geographic nature photographer. 😁

For real Nat Geo, call me.

83x Zoom

No, not 83 Zoom meetings.

Remember when zoom referred to something a camera can do? I’m zooming while I Zoom with my Nikon Coolpix p900. Can you say 83x zoom? I can. 🤩 Bird can be like a mile away and I’ll get him. And I didn’t leave my Zoom meeting to do it. Love this camera…click to buy on Amazon.

Zoom In

Seriously though, I love that I get to work from home way more than I used to.

Some days I’m on the road driving hundreds of miles. But on the days when I’m in the home office, the birds won’t leave me alone.

Picture Perfect View

I have a gorgeous willow tree outside my home office window. Looked up the other day while hardly paying attention to the 8am Zoom meeting someone scheduled (grrrr). Cedar Waxwing Festival going on in the willow. I grabbed the camera and proceeded to take an obscene amount of video. I had no idea they ate the little fluffy seed-pods! They were there all day.

Who Invited Him?

Mr. Pileated Woodpecker decided to show up for my noon Zoom meeting. I had to mute myself because he was knocking away right outside the window. At eye level. Begging to be photographed. And adding nothing to the TPO Report conversation (who remembers what TPO Reports are ?!?). Not gonna lie…. I might have actually walked away from that meeting to go outside and take his picture 🤐

Next Mr. House Finch showed up on my hummingbird feeder. I’ve seen them do this before. It’s so funny…”little guy in a big car” funny.

Male House Finch

Might as well check out my scout activity on the bee box while taking my lunch break.

If only market share reports were this mesmerizing!

And as the sun was setting on my 6th Zoom meeting of the day, I got the video of Mr. Hummingbird with his little tiny feet dangling as he shows off his backwards flight skill.

All in all, not a bad day’s work.

Wanna look at more bird photos while you sit through your next Zoom meeting?

Check out my Bird page.

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