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Irish food ideas for St. Patty’s Day & Inspiration to start planning that trip to Ireland you’ve always dreamed of.

I was getting the first pedicure I’ve had in a year over the weekend and I overheard (eavesdropped) a conversation about what kind of Irish food to make for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner party.

It was an Irish Blessing. I didn’t even realize it was almost St. Patty’s Day!

You know I couldn’t wait to jump out of my chair to offer my unsolicited opinion on what Irish food to make. 😚

So I’m forced to interrupt the vegan/vegetarian homemade sushi series to bring you some meat n potatoes.

And a little Ireland travel inspiration.

Corned Beef, not Beets

So this is a big departure from yesterday’s post on a Wasabi Beet, Cucumber and Avocado Sushi.

This post is not about convincing you to try corned beef if you already have strong feelings against it. Stay tuned. There are plenty of good Irish food dishes besides the beef.

Slow Cooker Corned Beef from Delish.com

I’m not posting my own recipe for corned beef and cabbage. Click the image above for a nice, easy recipe from delish.com for corned beef using your slow cooker.

Here’s another one that I’ve used and loved. 3 ingredients: corned beef, brown sugar, beer.

Guinness in and of itself is an Irish Blessing.

Guinness Corned Beef on Allrecipes.com

All About The Sides

For St. Patrick’s day I usually make the corned beef by itself. Might throw some carrots in towards the end of the boiling or roasting time. But for the cabbage and potatoes? Try colcannon, a classic on the Irish food menu.

Colcannon recipe from Bon Appetit

There are as many different ways to make colcannon as there are sheep in Ireland. But this is my go-to recipe from Bon Appetit. Click the image to jump to that recipe.

I’ve made it with cabbage as directed. I’ve also made it substituting roasted brussel sprouts instead.

Yep. That counts as cabbage. Do what you want. Colcannon is all about the potatoes and the butter.

Sopping Up The Goodness

You’ll find Irish soda bread in stores around this time of year. Just keep walking. I promise you this is the recipe you want. This recipe is not dry like many soda breads but has the yeasty flavor and crumble that you want.

Irresistible Irish Soda Bread on Allrecipes.com

I throw a handful of dried cranberries into the batter before baking. It makes the bread gorgeous and adds a little bite of sweetness.

And For Dessert?

There is only one answer.

Guinness Chocolate Pudding.

Guinness Chocolate Mousse cups for two from Chocolatemoosey.com

I had a great recipe for this in an Irish cookbook that I lost in the divorce but this looks like the same recipe. Takes a little effort because you have to whip the eggs whites but it is so worth it.

Wash It All Down

The wonderful thing about Irish food is everything tastes good with Guinness. As with corned beef, I’m not here to convert you if you don’t like Guinness. The rest of us will drink yours.

“Everything Goes With Guinness”

Time To Plan That Trip

I bet while you’re enjoying your St. Patrick’s Day meal someone says, “We should go to Ireland.”

Here at Once Upon A Frittata, things tend to be very food-focused. But travel is an important part of any balanced diet.

Yes. You should go to Ireland. And since it is safe to start dreaming of travel again, it’s also a good time to start the planning.

Ugh. I Hate Trip Planning. But I Really Want To Go

Good thing you are Following Frittata! I already planned your trip. Actually, Rick Steves did. I just followed his itinerary and added the pictures and tips to make it even easier.

JennyG does Tree Pose at Cliffs of Moher

Inspiration for Ireland

Ready To Go?

Check out my Ireland travel page. It’s time!

I leave you with this Irish Blessing courtesy of my dear friend, Scott Boagni.

Here’s to a long life, and a merry one,

A quick death, and an easy one,

A pretty girl and an honest one,

A cold beer. And another one.

Scott Boagni

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