Prince Harry

Rating: 5 out of 4.

I’m not obsessed with the Royals by any means. Quite the opposite in fact. I’ve always had a bit of disdain for the excess of the pomp and circumstance.

But I did watch The Crown. And I enjoyed it, especially because I felt I better understood the tradition and foundation of the Royal Family afterward. I became more intrigued, so I watched some documentaries on Queen Elizabeth.

Like anyone else, I had to watch the first Royal Wedding. What a fairy tale! But it was the second Royal Wedding that actually made be start to shift my perspective.

I got much more interested when Meghan and Harry decided to walk away from their royal titles and make a go of it on their own.

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I remember thinking Harry looked like the bully Scott Farkus in A Christmas Story years ago. I was much more likely to fantasize about Prince William if I was going to have a Royal Fantasy.

But I see things very differently now. Maybe its because I view Prince Harry as someone I can identify with while Prince William appears to be heading down the same old entitled path as his father.

This book felt very authentic to me. Like he actually wrote it. I was captured by it’s honesty and his willingness to reveal his vulnerability. I was impressed by his commitment to his military career, or what they’d let him have of it. I was turned off by the part of him that continued to party like a spoiled rich kid even after making youthful mistakes that should have set a bar low enough that one never has to worry about allowing their character to fall below it again.

Overall – 4 Stars

All in all it was a worthwhile read. A glimpse into a world that we all secretly covet, but that almost none of us could actually survive. While he does seem to be overly obsessed with his quest for vengeance against the media, I can’t help but agree with his sentiment.

Thing this book left me daydreaming about: being part of Prince Harry’s Botswana family. I felt like he was his best self during those connections with other authentic humans. He seems to be comfortable in his own skin when he’s connected to the rawness of nature. I get that. I suspect it would be quite something to behold.


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