Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve yet to meet anyone that doesn’t love Matthew McConaughey. You’ll like him even more after reading this autobiography.

So rare to find a Hollywood star that is real and down to earth. I had always heard he was a little eccentric but found that as I read this I totally identified with him, especially his independence.

A rare man that is in touch with his spiritual side, and I’m not talking about religion. He pays attention to the signs that the universe sends, and he takes the time to explore them.

He was born a normal middle class human like most of us, not born into Hollywood privilege and wealth. He’s also transcended and contributes more to humanity that just movies.

Loved it. Led me to binge watch a lot of his movies, many that I’d never heard of. Here were my favs:

  • The Sea of Trees
  • White Boy Rick
  • Lincoln Lawyer
  • Dallas Buyer’s Club
  • A Time To Kill
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