I’ve only made one stop in Utah, and that was a ski weekend at Park City.

Highlights below are from my trip in February 2012 so updated research may be needed.

Park City, Utah
Main Street, Park City, Utah
The Viking Yurt
Mid-Mountain Lunch Spot

Park City

Spent a long weekend in Park City for some skiing. The skiing here was more challenging than my preferred speed with mostly blue runs (more challenging IMO that typical blues). Good place for the aggressive skier who wants blacks and moguls and maybe to be dropped off by a helicopter on a distant peak to ski uncharted trails.

I got a peek at Deer Valley which is nearby. It’s small but sounded like it has more tame runs for you green/blue lovers. That’s where I’m going next time. They are close enough that you can do both from one home base.

The town center was exactly what it should be for a ski town. Shops, galleries, restaurants, a chocolate shop and a whiskey distillery.

A whiskey distillery in Mormon Utah?

Apparently the town has been able to work it out so that the producers of High West Whiskey can live in harmony with the locals who don’t drink a drop.

Having a local whiskey is a nice bonus when you are try to re-warm the blood after a long day on the slopes. Their Rendezvous Rye became my go-to for cold winter nights.

But what’s much more important than whiskey is a good Irish Pub. Flanagan’s delivered. I ate 3 meals here in less than 12 hours. Corned beef sliders, 2 pints Guinness. Corned beef boxtie, 2 pints Guinness. Shepherd’s Pie, 2 pints Guinness.

I stayed in a time-share courtesy of the friends I was travelling with. That’s usually the way to go in a ski-town because you want to have a place to chill, a place to make a communal meal and more space than a typical hotel room. In a perfect world, I try to get ski-in/ski-out so I can just grab the gear and go without having to park a car or take a bus. They always cost more, but worth it to me.

Good skiing should always include a mid-day lunch at some kind of pub or shack mid-mountain. Park City did not disappoint. Check out The Viking Yurt. They had all the staples (chili, hot chocolate, pizza, Guinness) that you need to refuel. I had a slice of pizza and a bison chili that was pretty awesome considering it’s essentially a cafeteria.

Pizza and Bison Chili at the Viking Yurt

There were some really incredible art galleries in town too, and since I couldn’t come close to affording my favorite pieces I just took pictures. They are in the gallery below. That was ten years ago and now I can afford them so if you happen to own either of these and want to sell, email me 🙂

Favorite Runs: Assessment, PayDay and ClaimJumper

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