Rick Steves Audio Europe

I get absolutely no money to recommend this. I’m just sharing because this is a game changer for travel throughout Europe. I had seen Rick Steve’s Europe on PBS. Quirky guy that goes all over and knows the history of everything. Purely by chance, I was planning a trip to Germany and happened across Rick’s episode on Munich. At the end of the episode, they were advertising the “Rick Steves Audio Europe App” and said it had lots of guided walking tours of European destinations. I downloaded it and promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward a few weeks. It’s my second night in Munich, Germany. I had walked the Old Town and had attended Oktoberfest. Had a hearty German meal and some Hefeweizen. It was dark, and I was not ready to hit the hotel. I suddenly remembered the app, and pulled out my phone.

What followed was a magical experience I’ll never forget. I re-traced the steps I had taken the day before and the Old Town became the Marienplatz. Each building, which I had simply appreciated for its old world architecture, came alive as Rick narrated the history to me. The description of the figures on the famous clocktower, the history of how WWII affected that very place – and the most unbelievable – I learned that the church I had attended service in earlier that day housed the crypts of the former royal Wittlesbach family and that I could have gone into the church basement to see it if I’d only known.

From then on, Rick Steves Audio Europe has been the mainstay of all my European vacations. He has lovingly become known as “Uncle Rick” to me and my travel companions. This page is simply to encourage you to check out his t.v. episodes, all available on Amazon Prime, and to download this app as part of any European trip. Why do all the work to research yourself when Rick has done it for you? Not to mention it has saved me $$$ in guided tours….more on that later.

Click this image to download the app.
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