As Flies To Whatless Boys

Robert Antoni

Travel inspiration for Trinidad & Tobago

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It doesn’t matter if you are going to T&T or not. This is a great story.

It feels a little like a Robinson Crusoe tale, a Swiss Family Robinson-esque adventure.

The story is told through the eyes of a 15-year old British boy whose family has bought into the Tropical Emigration Society led by a questionable German entrepreneur and inventor.

His and other British families are seduced into dreams of being pioneers of a new world on the island of Trinidad.

You’ll spend 7 weeks at sea with young Robert which will leave you wanting a shower and a glass of champagne, Edam cheese and Catalonian ham.

Curious yet?

What awaits these emigrants upon arrival isn’t exactly what they’d dreamed.

Read on and understand why you still need a Yellow Fever vaccine to travel there.

You also get to meet the colorful character of Miss Ramsol of the Trinidad & Tobago National Archives whose sing-song T’dad voice will make you laugh “sure-as-Shiva” and you can decide for yourself if she was also “subjuiced”.

Wonderfully told story. I’ve just finished re-reading this and have purchased the author’s other books which also appear to be centered in Trinidadian culture.

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