‘wichcraft by Tom Colicchio

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Tom Colicchio is the original host of Top Chef and has restaurants all across the United States.

“this is not your mother’s sandwich”

tom colicchio

If you love a fancy sandwich, this is a bible you need to own. Some are easier than others, some require you to make a paste or an oil or a mayonnaise, but every one that I’ve taken time to prepare has been a winner and the extra effort spent really makes the sandwich.

My favorites from ‘wichcraft:

  • mortadella with grilled radicchio and pistachio vinaigrette
  • salami with marinated cauliflower and bitter greens
  • marinated eggplant with chickpea puree, roasted peppers and watercress
The recipe that turned me on to grilled radicchio.
Made the lemon confit and it was worth the minimal effort. Kept in fridge in tupperware for weeks. Now you can Google other recipes using preserved lemon and a whole new world is open to you.

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