Toasted Coconut & Sweet Potato Roll

I’m adding a new vegan roll to the On A Roll sushi recipe series today. I’ve been playing around with toasted coconut and sweet potato in recipes recently and decided to give this a try. (Also coming soon – a healthy lunch wrap featuring sweet potato!) The key to this roll is definitely the coconut,Continue reading “Toasted Coconut & Sweet Potato Roll”

Halloumi Panzanella

A vegetarian spin on panzanella. This simple dinner salad features grilled halloumi cheese and cumin-pumpernickel croutons tossed in a lime vinaigrette. Love fresh herbs? This recipe is a great way to highlight them. Try a combo of basil, mint, dill and cilantro. Not familiar with panzanella? It’s a salad that features cubes of crusty breadContinue reading “Halloumi Panzanella”

Summer Recipes – Episode 2

Hopefully you found some inspiration in last week’s post, Summer Recipes – Episode 1. Here’s round 2 of fast, cool and easy summer meal ideas! Summer Recipe Nostalgia I grew up in New England. Summer vacations were spent on the coast of Maine. One of my nostalgic food memories from those summer vacations is theContinue reading “Summer Recipes – Episode 2”

Grilled Mango and Avocado Salad with Burrata

I love cheese. Pretty much every type of cheese. I didn’t know about burrata cheese until recently. Burrata is fresh mozzarella’s sultry, sexy big sister. Once I discovered burrata, it instantly became my new obsession. This fabulous light summer dinner salad featuring burrata was inspired by a combination of burrata recipes recently featured on FoodContinue reading “Grilled Mango and Avocado Salad with Burrata”

Easy Tomato Eggplant Sauce

As we creep toward the middle of summer, motivation to keep up with the vegetable garden starts to dwindle. When you find that your tomato plants have gotten a little out of control, grab a bowl and start collecting the damaged or overripe fruits. Time to make a rich roasted tomato eggplant sauce that youContinue reading “Easy Tomato Eggplant Sauce”

Real Tuna Salad

Do you love tuna salad sandwiches like I do? Everyone has a preference on what makes a perfect tuna salad. There are also a million adaptations – yogurt instead of mayo? Hard boiled eggs? Pickles? Capers? BBQ sauce? (YUCK – but I’ve seen it). I learned a recipe for “real” tuna salad in college whenContinue reading “Real Tuna Salad”

Roasted Sweet Potato Fiesta Bowl

If you love nachos, you are going to love this Roasted Sweet Potato Fiesta Bowl! Healthy roasted sweet potatoes topped with spicy cumin black beans, seared fresh corn, avocado, queso fresco, yogurt, cilantro and Fritos. It has all the flavors and crunch you’re craving in a hearty, vegetarian dinner. Yum! Sweet Inspiration My inspiration forContinue reading “Roasted Sweet Potato Fiesta Bowl”

Grilled Summer Squash & Black Bean Tacos

Go vegetarian on Taco Tuesday with a super easy grilled squash and black bean taco! Beat the Meat Black beans seasoned with cumin, chili powder and lime are the base for this vegetarian squash taco. It’s as easy as it sounds. Rinse and drain a can of black beans, put in saucepan, add seasonings andContinue reading “Grilled Summer Squash & Black Bean Tacos”

Roasted Eggplant, Red Pepper & Cherry Tomato Linguine

Summer’s hottest days are here….and so is summer eggplant! I can’t resist the dark purple beauties when I see them at the market. Roasting eggplant until it is gooey and caramelized is my favorite way to prepare it. Throw some crisp, red bell pepper in the mix and some roasted cherry tomatoes and you’ve gotContinue reading “Roasted Eggplant, Red Pepper & Cherry Tomato Linguine”

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